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Emergency Planning

Every municipality, regardless of size or location, is vulnerable to emergencies. In Lanark County potential emergencies include tornadoes, floods, winter storms and major transportation accidents. Emergency Preparedness by citizens and municipalities helps to minimize the impact that an emergency could have on our community.

In Lanark County the emergency management program works to prepare our community for emergencies and disasters. The accomplishment of the Lanark County Emergency Response Plan; a risk analysis hazard-specific approach, with training programs, emergency exercises and the public awareness and education program are revised on a regular basis.

In 2004, the Emergency Plan (revised 2019) for the County of Lanark was developed to reflect the public safety requirements for the County. The aim of this plan is to protect the health, safety, welfare and property of the citizens of Lanark County from the effects of a natural, technological or human caused emergency.

The effective use and maintenance of this plan will be reliant upon all concerned stakeholders being aware of its provisions and prepared to fulfill their roles and responsibilities in the event of an emergency. Those individuals, and agencies, that are responsible for the execution of the plan are expected to participate in emergency training, and exercises, which will assist them in the fulfillment of their roles accordingly.

Departments and agencies are to develop their own internal notification lists, procedures and contingency plans to fulfill their responsibilities. Together they work to ensure that the County is prepared to respond to an emergency in the most effective manner possible.

The role of the County of Lanark during a Declared Emergency is to assist the Local Municipality whose resources are taxed, overwhelmed or a larger response is anticipated. The county will acquire the resources needed to allow the Local Municipality to provide protection for the residents, to prevent further injury or damage to property and to allow the safe resumption of business as a result of the emergency situation.

Families and businesses alike can prepare for emergencies by developing a 72 Hour Kit which will assist in dealing with basic needs during an emergency. Review the Lanark County Emergency Preparedness Guide (published 2017), for information to assist in your planning.
72 Hour Kit

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