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Rescue Services

The County of Lanark owns and maintains a fleet of three Heavy Rescue Vehicles. Each of the vehicles is equipped to provide assistance and support to any of the Lanark County Fire Service for rescue of persons involved in Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC).

The Heavy Rescue vehicles are situated to provide efficient, effective and timely response to all geographical areas within Lanark County.

rescue scene

Rescue # 1 is housed at the BBD&E Station of the Drummond / North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue, 14 Sherbrooke Street E.Perth, the south west corner of Lanark County.

Mississippi Mills Fire Station #1 at 478 Almonte Street in Mississippi Mills, formerly the town of Almonte, houses Rescue # 2, the north east corner of Lanark County.

Rescue # 3 is situated in the south east area of Lanark County, in the Montague Fire Department, 6547 Rogers Stevens Drive in Montague Township.

rescue scene

Equipment in each of the vehicles includes the "Jaws of Life", automobile extrication tools. These tools are capable of untangling the twisted metal around trapped persons, lifting, bending or just moving the metal away. The equipment has the capability of 10,000psi movement at the tips of the "Jaws".

Other equipment of the Heavy Rescue style include cutters (operating like giant scissors to cut metal as easy as home scissors cutting cloth), rams or hydraulic extenders that move dashes, doors, steering wheels or other parts of vehicles in any direction to free the trapped people.

rescue scene

Air bags capable of lifting the cab of a highway tractor trailer truck are also available for the Fire Fighters to perform the dangerous, life saving tasks that they are faced with each and every time a serious motor vehicle collision (MVC) occurs in Lanark County.

As each situation is different the Fire Fighters are constantly being challenged on how to best remove and safe a life from the wreckage of automobiles. Training on a regular basis equips, enhances and develops the talents of the dedicated members of the Lanark County Fire Service.