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Our Team

Who’s Who at Lanark Lodge

Deborah Pidgeon, Director of Lanark Lodge

Deborah is responsible for the overall management of the Home. She reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer, Lanark County. The Director of Lanark Lodge’s office is located behind the front reception. She can be reached directly at extension 7101 within the home. Any serious concerns should be addressed directly to the Director of Lanark Lodge.


Staff Testimonials
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Glenna Churchill, Director of Care (DOC)

Glenna is responsible for maintaining quality nursing care and standards throughout the residence and is directly responsible for nursing staff and care in the Nursing Home. Glenna’s office is located across from the tuck shop. She can be reached directly at extension 7201 within the home.


Heather Duncan & Robin Hoy, Associate Directors of Care (ADOC)

Heather and Robin work in collaboration with Glenna to maintain the quality nursing care and standards. Heather is responsible for overseeing the second floor clinical nursing and Robin is responsible for the first floor clinical nursing and acts as the RAI-MDS back-up. Heather can be reached directly at extension 7206 within the home. Robin can be reached directly at extension 7204 within the home.


Jane Cunningham, Client Services Manager (CSM)

Jane is responsible for planning the social, recreational, educational and spiritual programs and services offered within the Home. Jane also co-ordinates tours for the home. The CSM and her department have many events and activities planned and welcome your suggestions. Jane’s office is located in the lower level of the home. She can be reached directly at extension 7501 within the home.


Natasha Lepitre, Office Manager

Natasha is responsible for the coordination of the Business Office, including the front Reception area. Natasha oversees the resident billings, resident trust information, payroll and accounts receivable in collaboration with the Finance department at the County Administration building. Natasha is also responsible for the co-ordination of the admission process, reviewing and updating residents’ business files. Natasha's office is located across from the tuck shop. She can be reached at extension 7104 within the home.


Donna Baylis, Food Services Manager (FSM)

Donna is responsible for the delicious meals in the home area dining rooms. Donna supervises the kitchen staff and plans the menus. Donna and the consulting dietitian are available for nutritional counselling if required. Please discuss any dietary concerns or suggestions with her. Donna's office is located in the lower level of the home. She can be reached directly at extension 7301 within the home.


Milène Hurdis, Associate Food Services Manager (AFSM)/Registered Dietitian

Milène is responsible for supporting Donna in the supervision of the kitchen meal production and staff. Milène provides nutritional counselling to the residents at the Lodge who are identified at high and moderate risk. Milène's office is located in the lower level of the home. She can be reached at extension 7302 within the home.


Robert Brady, Environmental Services Manager (ESM)

Bob is responsible for housekeeping laundry and maintenance. He is responsible to establish routines specific to the needs of our residents. Any maintenance, laundry or environmental concerns should be directed to Bob. He can be reached directly at extension 7401 within the home.


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